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Cahaba Medical Care

405 Belcher Street,  Centreville, AL 35042  ◆  205-926-2992

Cahaba Medical Care is a Federally Qualified Health Center on our campus with a mission to provide high quality, comprehensive, compassionate care for everyone in your family – all ages and all medical conditions. Cahaba Family has a rural residency training program within the clinic. The Cahaba Family Medicine Residency is a 4-4-4 program focused on preparing medical school student residents to serve the underserved.

Luma Denistry

223 Pierson Avenue, Centreville, AL 35042  ◆  205-926-4404

Luma Dentistry is an affiliated Dental Physician Clinic on our campus. Services include: Routine Cleanings, Root Canals, Dental Implants, Bone Grafting Procedures, Surgical Extractions, Sedation Dentistry, Veneers, Fillings and Crowns.


Bibb County Eye Care

223 Pierson Avenue, Centreville, AL 35042  ◆  205-926-4816

Bibb County Eye Care is an affiliated Optometry Clinic on our campus. We are proud to retain our community Optometrist of 20+ years, Dr. David Allgood. Bibb County Eye Care provides complete on-site optical and contact lens services, with a ride range of high end frames.

Cahaba Medical Care - Woodstock
28921 Highway 5 , Woodstock , AL 35188  ◆  205-938-9348

Cahaba Medical Care - Woodstock formerly known as Woodstock Family Medicine is an affiliated physician clinic located in Woodstock, Alabama, in Northern Bibb County. The clinic is served by Dr. Karen Ballard a member of our medical staff.

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