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Visitation Confirmation

Whats Next?

Please read thoroughly.

  • You will receive a confirmation of your scheduled visit

  • Additionally information on how to attend the meeting or call will be sent to your email in some cases we will reach out to you via phone to help you through the process. 

  • Reminders will be sent via text about your virtual visit 

Questions Call us:  205-926-3266

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Visit Guidelines
Please read thoroughly.
Please be aware of the guidelines for a virtual visitation


  • All time slots are 30 minutes only.

  • Please be on time.

  • Please do not call nursing staff to make appointments or to ask for an update. 

  • All visits must be scheduled using the same procedure no exceptions.

  • If multiple family members would like to attend the scheduled virtual visit we will do our best to make that happen however this must be disclosed in the request under additional information.

  • No additional visits within the next 7 days will be scheduled for a resident that has already has already completed a virtual visit.  This helps us ensure every resident has an equal opportunity to participate in the virtual visits.

Thank you for all your continued cooperation and patience as we continue to strive to keep virtual visits available for all residents. 


Questions Call Us:  

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